Constitution of the European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG)

1.1. The European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG) is a non profit organisation that aims to increase the level of dialogue between its members, representing various aspects of gambling.
1.2. The association provides a forum for the systematic study, discussion and dissemination of knowledge about all matters relating to:
a. Historical, economical, mathematical and social aspects of gambling;
b. Development, enforcement and evaluation of the regulation of gambling;
c. Marketing and management of gambling operations;
d. Problem gambling and prevention and treatment programmes.
1.3. To fulfil its aims, the association endeavours to organise a European conference on gambling and policy issues every two or three years. The association may organise intermediary meetings.

2.1. Membership of the EASG is open to:
a. Students, academics and researchers;
b. Representatives from regulatory bodies;
c. Representatives from the gaming industry;
d. Treatment professionals.
2.2. Members have a vote in the General Meeting of the association. Members benefit a discount on the fee for the European conference. Members receive information by the association on relevant developments on various aspects of gambling.
2.3. Members pay an annual fee, the amount of which can vary for the different categories of members as mentioned in paragraph 2.1.

3.1. A General Meeting of the members of the association takes place each time a European conference or an intermediary meeting is held as mentioned in paragraph 1.3. 
3.2. The General Meeting decides on the place and date where the next European conference or intermediary meeting as mentioned in paragraph 1.3 is held and the amount of the fee as mentioned in paragraph 2.3. The General Meeting elects the members of the Executive Committee.
3.3. Only members who have paid their fee are deemed to be full members entitled to vote. All decisions by the General Meeting require a two third majority. If no two third majority can be reached, and it is necessary for the continuity of the association to take a decision, a second vote me be held, requiring a simple majority.

4.1. The association has an Executive Committee of nine members. The Executive Committee contains the offices of chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and administrator.
4.2. Election of the members of the Executive Committee takes place each time a European conference is held, or if necessary at an intermediary meeting, as mentioned in paragraph 1.3. 
4.3. The different categories of members as mentioned in paragraph 2.1 are equally represented in the Executive Committee with two members each. The administrator is elected ex officio in the Executive Committee.
4.4 The Executive Committee may at any time appoint a member of the association to fill any vacancy on the Executive Committee until the next General Meeting.

5.1. The Executive Committee shall hold a meeting at a minimum of once every year.
5.2. In its annual meeting, the Executive Committee shall approve the financial report of the preceding financial year. The Executive Committee will give a summary of the approved financial report at the next General Meeting.

6.1. The financial administration of the association and of the organisation of the European conference and intermediary meetings is entrusted to the Foundation EASG.
6.2. The foundation EASG is a non profit organisation. It is a legal entity under Dutch law and its legal seat is in The Hague, The Netherlands.
6.3. The officers of the Executive Committee of the association function as the board members of the foundation.

7.1. This constitution of EASG replaces the constitution of May 1993.
7.2. This constitution has been adopted at the General Meeting of EASG held in London on Tuesday 27 January 2004.