EASG Gambling Research Fund  (update 23 August 2016)    

The research funding is available for young researchers based in one of the European countries and active in the gambling studies field (senior researchers should be able to get funding to support their research from other funding streams). Those that are eligible will include any individual who is currently a student in the gambling studies field. Individuals within two years of completing their doctorate in the gambling studies field will also be eligible to apply for the award.

Maximum amount of award: No award will be more than €5000 and no more than €10,000 will be spent from the research fund in any one year.

Types of activity to be supported: The fund will support a number of different research activity. This will include:

  • Publication expenses: This fund will support the publication of research results (for instance for Payment of Open Access journal fees).
  • Conference expenses: This fund will support expenses for research students and junior researchers to attend gambling-related conferences. Preference will be given to those wanting to present at EASG conferences.
  • Research expenses: This fund will support research expenses for gambling-related research and could include monies for such things as buying out of teaching to carry out research, participant payment, specific pieces of equipment, consumables, etc.

One of the main conditions of the award will be that the EASG will be acknowledged as contributing research funding on any subsequent publication and on any PowerPoint slides at conference presentations. Another condition is that all awardees will have to provide a report of how the money was spent and what outputs emerged from the research.

Requests for funding:  Can be sent on an ongoing basis via email to: easg@easg.org and a copy to the Secretary General: pieterremmers@easg.org. The applicant will receive an email in which the receipt of the request is received and when an answer (decision of the Scientific Committee) can be expected. When the annual available amount is spent, it will be announced on the EASG website.