Membership is open to individuals or institutions / companies at appropriate rates.

Benefits of membership of EASG

  • Access to a large network of information on all aspects of gaming in Europe
  • Updated information, highlighting new trends, policies, events and new publications through our website
  • Discounts on registration fees for conferences organised by the EASG and NAGS (Australia).

Membership of the EASG is open to:

  • Academics, researchers,
  • Regulatory bodies,
  • Gaming industry ( manufacturers, operators),
  • Treatment professionals,
  • Other interested parties

Conferences of the EASG 
The EASG holds international conferences every two years in a large European city, to which members of the organisation and other interested parties are invited.

The main topics of this conference are:

  • Current political and law developments concerning the game of chance in the several European member states
  • Scientific studies, topics of the game of chance supply and the game of chance research in Europe and other parts of the world
  • Development of the gaming industry
  • Development in treatment of problem gambling
  • Information of general interest about games of chance

Application for membership
If you wish to apply for membership, please fill in the details using the following link:

If you have any (other) questions regarding the membership, please contact us through our contact page.